Short Term Wins

In any change initiative that is designed to alter our fundamental values, beliefs and assumption we need to make sure there are short term wins. We must celebrate them to ensure that the energy and drive moves us closer to the vision. Essentially short term wins maintain vision focus.

With the end of our onsite server lease we were ready to make full use of our N4L Connection and head to the cloud. We were finally ready to sip at the Google Kool-Aid.

A main part of our staff only day was exploring Google Apps for Education. We could have had sessions from experts but we decided that we would follow a key mental model for professional learning – The Knowledge is in the Room! So we un-conferenced it up and teachers opted into workshops across the day run by colleagues. We worked on need to know skills but the sessions soon delved into what we could do. Exclamations of “hey we could…” or “how could I” were common.

Now we have a range of technological competency in our place and yes there were some very apprehensive people. Can I still use word? What do you mean my documents aren’t stored on the Teacher Drive? Normal first order change and in some cases reactive tension hit.

This week was full of wins…Greg the ‘caretaker’ Caretaker set up his Caretaker’s notebook in a google form and activated a notification add on so that he knows when people have requests. Shannon shared folders with her PRT Ashley and then promptly shared her meeting notes and received comments from both Mary the AP and myself. A transition to school meeting was captured in a shared doc with teachers contributing to notes and thoughts. Whilst one was note taking another was adding links and resources. Amanda and Carole are now emailing me phone messages that go straight to my todoist messages project – Amanda is even experimenting with priority settings and time based alerts. All within a short time frame and yes albeit with people who are not afraid to take a chance and try something new. But short term wins nonetheless.

Change, however small can be a challenge. I am fortunate to work with people who embrace challenge and who possess a growth mindset. Can’t wait to see what else eventuates.

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