Intent & Purpose

I want to talk about leadership in a time of great change in education. I want to talk about the great things I see and comment on the bigger picture of education in society.

’21st Century skills’ and the other catch-phrase ‘e-learning’ are very popular in our education climate today. In some cases these terms are synonymous with prepping children for unknown futures.

We are 17 years into the 21st Century and people are still talking about 21st century learning – we need to stop talking and start doing. I have a mental model that we need to be using the technology of the day to help cause learning, e-learning to many means ‘electronic’, to me it means ‘effective’.

As schools we must use the technology of the now – that means all the technology that scares us! Hopefully this blog will highlight great teachers and students taking risks and learning from their mistakes. I intend to foreground pragmatic examples as well as comment upon the leadership conditions that allow students and teachers to thrive.


Leading Learning in a Digital Age